Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little bit of a timeline of sorts!

I was just making a timeline for myself of the events of my high school life, up until this point in my second year of university, and thought it'd be interesting to share! Sorry for being so MIA lately - the new WoW expansion is out and REALLY, you can't expect me to blog when I'm running heroics on my Death Knight!

So yeah. The timeline. I use a lot of WoW things as indicators of time. And not everything important is there. And not everything there is ultra important. I just made it for me. :)

September 2008 – Age 14, Started High School
September 2008 – Age 14, officially counted Jason and Kat as friends
November 13th 2008 – Age 14, WotLK released
November 30th 2008 – Turned 15
December 2008/January 2009 – Age 15, met Devan
January 24th 2008 – Age 15, The Matt Incident
Late Febuary/March 2009 – Age 15, started dating Devan
March 2009 – Age 15, went to Florida 
May 2009 – Age 15, met Deven
June 2009 –Age 15, finished grade 10
Early July 2009 – Age 15, became friends with Nin (we were already slightly acquainted)
July 2009 – Age 15, met Joey
July 2009 – Age 15, went to Vegas
September 2009 – Age 15, started grade 12
September 2009 – Age 15, ended close friendship with Deven (still slightly friendly with him at this point)
September 2009 – Age 15, Mother got pneumonia and quit smoking
September 2009 - Age 15, lost Joey as a friend
Early November 2009 – Age 15, Father got diagnosed with cancer, given approx. 8 weeks to live. Have my friend breakdown in class, miss a bit of school
November 30th 2009 – Turned 16, terrible birthday was terrible
December 24th 2009 – Age 16, a fun Christmas Eve
February 2010 (probably) – Age 16, joined Dark Fist, met many of my current friends
May (14th maybe?) 2010 – Age 16, The Incident We Do Not Speak Of
June 2010 – Age 16, finished grade 11 (didn’t take final exams!)
August/September 2010 – Age 16, left Dark Fist and joined Mithril
September 2010 – Age 16, started grade 12
November 30th 2010 – turned 17, got Minecraft as a present from Nin
December 7th 2010 – Age 17, Cataclysm released
December 25th 2010 – Age 17, Father’s last Christmas
March 13th 2011 – Age 17, Father passed away
Early April 2011 – Age 17, rejoined Dark Fist
April 2011 – Age 17, went to Vegas
May 2011 - Age 17, lost Jason as a friend 
June 2011 – Age 17, graduated high school
August 2011 – Age 17, went to Florida
September 2011 – Age 17, started university
November 11th 2011 – Skyrim released
November 30th 2011 – turned 18
December 1st 2011 – Age 18, got Severus
December 20th 2011 – Age 18, Midnight passed away
March 2012 – Age 18, got involved with my local friend group
March 2012 - Age 18, Kat moved away
April 2012 – Age 18, finished first semester of university
May 2012 – Age 18, went to London
May 15th 2012 – Diablo 3 released
August 2012 – Age 18, went to Florida to meet Devan
September 2012 – Age 18, started second year of university
September 25th 2012 – Age 18, Mists of Pandaria was released
September 27th 2012 - Age 18, discovered sad stuff, made this timeline :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lonely Night Storytime

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I don't tend to filter myself on my blogs (this one, and my Tumblr). 

I have been SORT OF filtering though. I have mentioned it briefly on here (although mostly to say I felt it was too private to blog about) and I've accidentally let my emotions get the best of me on my Tumblr as well, despite my best intentions. I also believe I wrote a very... heartfelt, upset post on my previous, now deleted blog back in 2010 when an...incident... occurred. I have decided tonight, though, I will dedicate a real blog post to this. A real, actual, not ranting, not whining, blog post to it. I have been avoiding doing so since I have a tendency to only blog when I feel extremely emotional in one way or another - overly happy, or overly upset. Most of the time it is overly upset. Today there is no extreme emotion. There is a little sadness, but it's mostly loneliness, so I think it will not cloud the post in a negative light at all.

So yeah. I'll explain what "it" is first.

I have a boyfriend.

There, I said it. I said the scary words. :P No, no. It isn't scary. I just tend to not talk about him a lot is all! He's very much a fan of... privacy. I guess I like privacy but I also really need to be able to share to my blog. So I will be keeping things at a mostly surface level I suppose! I just wanted to write about him for a bit though. I'm lonely and miss him quite a bit at the moment. He lives in Florida and I live in Alberta, so it's a bit difficult sometimes, particularly since he has an absolutely insane sleeping schedule compared to me. ^^

I guess I wanted to start out by telling you guys about him and how we met and got together! I don't think telling you his name would do a lot since well, none of you know him unless I've told you about him already, and at that point you do know his name. :P We actually met, as absolutely neeeerdy as this is going to sound, playing World of Warcraft. We were in the same guild at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, which would have been ALMOST 4 YEARS AGO. I'm sure I saw him around in guild chat, but the first time we actually talked was a raid we did... Obsidian Sanctum I think. Oh god. It's so weird how some things are remembered, hey?

So yeah. Obsidian Sanctum. I get invited, my boyfriend at the time gets invited (he is a whole different story, good god, do not get me started on that fucker) and we go in. My boyfriend at the time (I will call him Mr. Loser-Ex) starts being an idiot, I suppose. I don't remember much of that part. I was just being me - when I raided I turned into a bit of an asshole, but since I was with my friends I like to imagine I was being a FUN asshole. I'm sure if you ask my boyfriend he'll say I was just being an asshole. Mr. Loser-Ex though, is apparently being super duper flirty and shit with me, so my boyfriend makes that assumption we're dating. He does message me and talk a little though, but is distant enough that it isn't like he's hitting on another guy's girlfriend... until Mr. Loser-Ex said SOMETHING, god, I don't know what I WISH I REMEMBERED THIS, I'm writing this part off my spotty memory and my boyfriend's retelling, and my boyfriend decides all bets are off, etc, starts hitting on me.

So yeah. From that point on, he and I are talking, flirting, etc, but he makes it very clear, and HERE IS MY EXACT QUOTE "It's not like we'd ever actually be going out anyways"... which sounds SO mean reading it! Oh my goodness! It wasn't like that - I was worrying about something, he was trying to reassure me... it DID actually really upset me at the time though I will admit. Somewhere in our talking flirting fun, I broke up with Mr. Loser-Ex. Before the "not like we'd ever actually be going out" quote, but... that was after quite a bit of talking, so. I will also say right now - a few weeks after that quote, we started actually going out officially. HA. I win.

That was... over 3 years ago. Almost 3 and a half? Maybe? I'm not good at time. Either way. QUITE A LONG TIME. Some of it was less good than others (The Incident That Shall Not Be Talked About of 2010 that I am not allowed to ask about anymore, for one) and there were sort of... off times but overall A LONG TIME.

Plus, he's super. Maybe this is my ultra low self esteem talking here, but I sort of wonder sometimes how someone as terrible looking and with such an awful personality as me ended up with someone who is actually this attractive and this fantastic to be around and this great and just UGH. I sound like a middle schooler when I start talking like this, I know. I literally FEEL like I am a middle schooler gushing about that kid they have a crush on. -_- It isn't like that though. I just get so happy when I think about him I can't help but gush!

I'll stop now. I started writing this really since I was a little lonely and wanted to remember all the great things about my boyfriend, and it worked. I remember all the great things. TOO WELL. I am officially sitting here like "Yeah, he's great AND I AM GOING CRAZY MISSING HIM RIGHT NOW." so that's almost counter productive. Almost. I am only a little bit sad still. I'm happier though from happy thoughts. :)

Until next time, everyone!

Monday, September 3, 2012


So...yeah. I'm back in Canada. I'm even back in Lethbridge to get ready to start school.

I am sad.

I know why I'm sad. I'm lonely. I don't even want to get into all the details about it and I don't think I have the energy to do so, I just know that I am sad.

This is still the only thing I feel like is too private to blog about.

Man, I planned to make this a well written post about my feelings and how I'm sad and how very much I miss someone and all this turned into was me crying. I give up.

Friday, August 31, 2012

not even a real post

Sorry I wasn't able to finish BEDA guys.

My trip is going really well :) its sort of weirdly privately to me so I'm not going to say much but it'd been great. I just wanted to do a quick post to round out August so here!


Friday, August 24, 2012

BEDA: what is this i don't even

I am a little unsure I'll be able to finish BEDA :(

I do not trust myself to be able to blog when I am on vacation. I'm sorry. I'll get one up tomorrow maybe but beyond that. NO PROMISES.

Today is my last day of work and I am extremely excited about it! One of my friends made curry and made me my own little container of it without anything I can't eat so that was yummy :) it was my breakfast this morning.

We all got given animal hats we have to wear today. Mine is a tiger.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

BEDA: being a grouchy mcgrouchypants again.

I have a coooold. :(

I got my haircut yesterday! It's all cute and shorter now. I don't have any pictures that really show off how it looks very well, because... I don't look good in pictures. But I have sort of one if anyone would like to see that. :) 

Haircut, haircut, haircut.

I like it. I like my hair a bit shorter. I'm dyeing it a few shades darker on Friday though, since there's a bit too much... blonde-ish in it right now for my taste. Ideally, it'd be bright pink or something. I miss my brightly coloured hair. :(
I had a cinnamon roll last night and it's given me a bit of a headache. I really, really wanted one though so it was worth it. Sort of. 

I'm at work right now and am incredibly bored and am not really sure what to say. It's my second last day (which means omg I leave for Florida in like...48 hours exactly, almost since my flight takes off at 9:55 AHH) so I am ultra excited. The girl I'm supposed to be giving and teaching my work is.. well... I don't like her at all so I'm trying to avoid having to do anything even remotely related to her. And it's so NOISY over here, ugh. I can't focus at all. I have an online meeting in 45 minutes and if it's still this bloody loud, oh my god, I am going to stab someone. 

I'm sort of feeling kind of bad today, since my temper has been a little... well... more... temper-y than usual and I might have maybe sort of exploded on a person or 2 in the past week. I'm kind of mad at myself over it; I really really need to work on that.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am sick and unhappy and do not have a post today and I was already almost asleep when I realized this.

Ooops. Sorry.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BEDA: A less than positive day.

Something slightly unfortunate happened today. I accidentally... Oh god. I can't say it.

I accidentally wore shoes that irritated my monster cat scratch on my foot. :(

I know, I know. Not really a big problem in the long run, but I'd be lying if I said it hadn't been annoying me allllll freakin' day. I still can't believe Sev did that to me, it is one of the worst scratches he's given me in awhile! Mean kitten :(

Only 3 more days of work, eeeee! I am so excited. I need to get start packing for Florida and finish buying my last minute things and tomorrow is my haircut and Friday is my nails and my eyebrows and THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO. I'm so excited though.

My mommy just emailed me a picture of my kitten and my mom's cat... they tore open a container of catnip and ate it! Yaaaay! They're so bad sometimes.

Okay. Well. I have something I am extremely upset about that I am trying to AVOID blogging about but since I can't stay focused on anything but that, I am going to end this now. Sigh. Sorry guys! <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

BEDA: Worktime ramblings

Work, work, work. Only... like.... 38 more hours of it left this week! Oh my goodness. I can't even contain how excited I am for this.

I accidentally brought my sunglasses to work today and all I want to do is wear them. I very rarely actually get the chance to show them off, considering I live in Canada, don't go outside often, and wear actual glasses so I hate just dragging out my sunglasses to only wear for like... a few minutes. They're adorable though and I love them :(

See? Adorable.

I also brought a book and keep trying to distract myself from wanting to read it. I haven't picked it up yet thankfully, but having it sitting on my desk beside me is extremely tempting and I just keep glancing over at it... "I could be reading you. I could put on my sunglasses, find a blanket, and go outside and lay on the blanket and read you." I am obviously NOT doing that but... it is an option! :(
I have a hand sanitizer container that only has a little bit left in it, and I displaced it from its spot inside of the bumblebee holder and I feel a little guilty for it. Like, I put a full one in the bumblebee, but I feel sad for the former one that still has a little bit left. So I'm excessively sanitizing my hands today to try to use it up so I can stop worrying about it. I think I give inanimate objects too many human emotions sometimes. :( 

I don't have the energy to write anything else today. I'll see everyone tomorrow! <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

BEDA: Does anyone even read titles?

Sorry about the quick disappearance last night!

Sometimes conversations make me sad and sometimes the sadness from those conversations triggers sadness from related conversations that made me feel very sad. And then when that happens my energy to try to write a blog posts ends, particularly since it was a blog post about my good day.

In other news, I did absolutely nothing today and it was great. I'm still not particularly happy from last night but I'll get over that (I usually do). Today was the day that led to my realization of just how many Lush products I own. Seriously. Almost all of my hair and skin care are Lush now. 9 to 5 cleanser, Tea Tree Water toner, Vanishing Cream moisturizer, the Mask of Magnaminty once a week... Seanik and American Cream Conditioner for my hair... Yeah. I think I'm starting to develop a problem (she says as she browses the website, looking for soaps and body butters and shower gels). It's almost as bad at the makeup problem I made for myself. I need to stop choosing expensive hobbies.

I have absolutely no desire to go to work for this last week. I think it might end up killing me. I would actually pay one of you guys to go for me if you wanted, although you'd have the downside of having to pretend to be me and deal with my team. Eeeugh. But on the plus side I'll give you free cuddles. :)

Okay. Well. I'm extremely bored and distracted today, and not having any consistent conversation partners this evening isn't helping.(All 3 of my friends that are online are half-busy with things so I feel like such a pest D: ) so I think I will go find something to do. Do some makeup research or something. Until tomorrow! <3